1984                                                               Monument Theatre Company                        Indianapolis, IN

ANTONY & CLEOPATRA                              Nashville Shakespeare Festival                     Nashville, TN                                 

PETER AND THE STARCATCHER               Lipscomb University                                       

WELLESLEY GIRL                                        Pipeline-Collective                                          

WORLD BUILDERS                                       Pipeline-Collective                                           

THERE ARE OTHERS                                   Pipeline-Collective                                          

CONSTELLATIONS                                       Pipeline-Collective                                          

THE GUYS                                                     Pipeline-Collective                                           

SIX CHARACTERS...                                     Vanderbilt University                                       

EXTREMITIES                                               Tennessee State University                             

WHAT I WANT TO SAY...                               Tennessee State University                             

IN THE CONTINUUM                                     Fisk University       

BENEATHA'S PLACE                                    Verge Theater Company                                           

SKINLESS                                                      Verge Theater Company                                

HEARTS LIKE FISTS                                     Actors Bridge Ensemble                                  

ANGELS IN AMERICA: PART 2                     Illinois State University                                   Normal, IL

IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play)    Illinois State University    

PERICLES                                                      Illinois State University

BEIRUT                                                           Illinois State University 

VIRAL                                                              Illinois State University 

ABRAHAM & ISAAC                                       Illinois State University 

HELLO OUT THERE                                       Illinois State University

THE LATCHKEY POOL                                  Small Pond Entertainment                              NYC

GRACE                                                           Where Eagles Dare Studio Theatre                NYC

SWEET SURRENDER                                   Where Eagles Dare Studio Theatre                NYC

R25                                                                 Manhattan Theatre Source                             NYC


(As Assistant Director)

THIS RANDOM WORLD                                Actors Theatre of Louisville                             Meredith McDonough

RICHARD II                                                    The Pearl Theatre Company                           J.R. Sullivan

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA                  Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre                      Rebekah Scallet           

HAMLET                                                         Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre                      Robert Quinlan

HAMLET                                                         Haugh Performing Arts Center                        Jerry Carlson

CHARLIE’S AUNT                                          Haugh Performing Arts Center                        Jerry Carlson

ROSENCRANTZ & GUILD... ARE DEAD      Nashville Repertory Theatre                            Rene Copeland

MACBETH                                                      Illinois Shakespeare Festival                           Robert Quinlan

MOTHER COURAGE                                     Illinois State University                                    Sandra Zielinski

AS YOU LIKE IT                                             Boomerang Theatre in Central Park               John Hurley

AJAX IN IRAQ                                                Flux Theatre Ensemble                                   August Schulenberg

INFECTIOUS OPPORTUNITY                       Nosedive Productions                                     Pete Boisvert

(Workshop Stagings)

A DOLL'S HOUSE                                          Pipeline-Collective & Nashville Repertory Theatre

A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2                            Heartland Theatre Company

I WAS JUST GAMING AROUND                    MATC – Play Lab Series (2018)

PARTICULAR DISPOSITION                         Theatre 7                                                         Terra Haute, IN

CANCER MOUSE: Solo-mio                          Actors Theatre of Louisville                

WHY IT MATTERS: Solo-mio                         Actors Theatre of Louisville                  

POOF!                                                             Illinois State University

DRUNK ENOUGH TO SAY I LOVE YOU?     Illinois State University

CATASTROPHE                                              Illinois State University

MASS                                                              Flux Theatre Ensemble                                    NYC

LONG SOUGHT, MORE PERFECT               Flux Theatre Ensemble                                     

TEXAS TOAST                                               Flux Theatre Ensemble                                     


Film & Television

AUDLEY’S WAR                                              Correa Films

PINECONE                                                      M. Field Productions

BATTLE: NY - DAY 2                                       Pandora Machine  (Additional Director)



Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN)                                      Sep. 2017 – Present

Full-Time Instructor (Non-Tenure Track)

Instructor of Record: Directing

Instructor of Record: Elementary Acting

Instructor of Record: Acting for the Camera

Instructor of Record: Voice for the Actor

Instructor of Record: Playwriting

Instructor of Record: Dramatic Appreciation

Instructor of Record: Public Speaking

Vanderbilt University: Programs for Talented Youth (Nashville, TN) Jan. 2016 – Present
Instructor of Record: Theory, Criticism, and The Force

Instructor of Record: Script Analysis – The Tempest

Instructor of Record: Script Analysis – Peter and the Starcatcher

Instructor of Record: Script Analysis – Twelve Angry Men

Instructor of Record: Playmaking – Documentary Theatremaking

Instructor of Record: Introduction to Puppetry

Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)                   Sep. 2016 – April 2018

Support Adjunct Instructor: Fundamentals of Play Directing

Support Adjunct Instructor: Script Analysis

Support Adjunct Instructor: Improvisation & Comedy Sketch Writing

Tennessee Governor’s School  (Murfreesboro, TN)                        June 2016 & June 2017

Instructor of Acting: Meisner and Laban Influences

Nashville Repertory Theatre (Nashville, TN)                                    Sep. 2015 – May 2017

Associate Artist in Education

Nashville Shakespeare Festival (Nashville, TN)                              Dec. 2015 – Feb. 2016

Teaching Artist


Lincoln Community College (Normal, IL)                                          Jan. 2015 – May 2015

Course Instructor: Introduction to Theatre

Illinois State University (Normal, IL)                                                 Aug. 2012 – May 2015

Course Instructor: Introduction to Acting – The Meisner Approach

Course Instructor: Introduction to Directing

Course Instructor: Oral Interpretation

Course Instructor: Survey of Theatre

Outreach Assistant: Creator of Improv. Shakespeare Workshop/Product

Graduate Student Body Representative: Production Committee

Small Pond Entertainment (New York, NY)                                     Nov. 2007 – Jun. 2012

Scene Study & Auditioning Coach

Actors Theatre of Louisville (Louisville, KY)                                     Aug. 2008 – Nov. 2008

Guest Outreach Instructor: Acting for the Theatre                           Aug. 2007 – Nov. 2007          

Passage Theatre (Trenton, NJ)                                                       June 2007 – July 2007

Instructor: Playmaking Playwright’s Series


Utah Shakespearean Festival (Cedar City, UT)                              May 2006 – Sept. 2006

Outreach Instructor: Acting Shakespeare


Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)                             Feb. 2002 – May 2002

Outreach Instructor: Acting for the Theatre, Combat for the Stage


Arizona Theatre Company (Tucson, AZ)                                        June 2001 – Aug. 2001

Summer Intensive Instructor: Acting Shakespeare, Combat for the Stage


University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)                                                 Aug. 2000 – June 2001
Teaching Assistant to Department Head & Artistic Director of Arizona Repertory Theatre


The Citrus Little Theatre (Glendora, CA)                                        Oct. 1996 – May 1998

Administrative Assistant to Artistic Director



Directing (focus including devised practices, new works, Shakespeare & “Original Practices”)


Acting / Scene Study (focus including the Meisner approach, System/Method practices, movement practices w/ Laban focus, Shakespeare, Restoration/Commedia)


Script Analysis / Theory & Criticism (focus including Aristotelian form, mythic structure, cinematic devices and concepts, non-realistic theatre, new works, practices in theatrical review)


Playwriting (focus including political theatre, linear v. non-linear practices, adaptation, devised works)


Oral Interpretation (focus including performance of non-dramatic literature) 


Improvisation (long- and short-form)


Introductory / Survey of Theatre Courses (focus including marginalized audiences, new audience development, theatrical practices and “elements of the theatrical” in daily life)




"Aristotle and the Opsis Fallacy: Reinvestigating Poetics"


"Fall of the Hero, Rise of the Common Man: Death of a Salesman and the Evolution of the Tragic Form"  


"Geopolitics as Sado-Sexual Conflict Amongst Lovers, Squatters, and Tenants: A Critical Analysis of John Patrick Shanley’s Dirty Story"

Debuted at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign, "Landscapes: Performing Space and Culture" Conference, 2013


"Using Cinematic Story Structure to Unlock Theatrical Narratives: How Blake Snyder Can Save the Theatre"

Debuted at ATHE Directing Panel Preconference, 2014          


“Impulse & Exploration: Uncovering and Unpacking Spontaneity, Believability, and Effectiveness as an Actor”

            Presented as part of a two-part series via Nashville Repertory Theatre, 2016



Illinois State University: MFA Directing                                               Graduated 2015

The William Esper Studio (Bill Esper, Terry Knickerbocker)               Graduated 2006

University of Arizona, PATP: BFA Acting & Directing                         Graduated 2001


Milwaukee Repertory Theatre: Acting Internship Program                 Completed 2002

Arizona Theatre Company: Acting Internship Program                      Completed 2001


John Barton, Rodney Cottier, Bill Esper, Jason Alexander, Rick Sordelet

The Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisational and Sketch Comedy Training Center (NYC)



  • Best New Director, Nashville Scene Magazine, 2016

  • First Night’s Top 10 of 2017, Outstanding Play - Skinless

  • First Night’s Top 10 of 2017, Outstanding Director of a Play - Skinless

  • First Night’s Top 10 of 2017, Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Play - Skinless

Illinois State University

  • Graduate Student Teaching Award, 2015

  • Mask & Hammer Award for Best Production, 2015 - In The Next Room…

  • Mask & Hammer Award for Best Direction, 2015 - In The Next Room…

  • Mask & Hammer Award for Best Non-Mainstage Production, 2015 - Viral

  • Goldfarb Award for Best Play, 2014 - Pericles


New York

  • Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Ensemble, 2011 - Benefactors, Retro Productions

  • Innovative Theatre Award Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble, 2009 - Universal Robots, Manhattan Theatre Source

  • Innovative Theatre Award Nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role, 2008 - The Reckoning of Kitt & Little Boots, The Gallery Players


University of Arizona

  • Medici Scholar Award, 2001

2010 - present

2010 - present

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