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David recently directed Vivian J.O. Barnes' Farside: An Audio Drama for Tennessee State University's Department of Communications and Its Theatre & Dance Program. Farside tells the story Pamela King, a lone astronaut on a years-long mission in space. But when Pam returns from an orbit beyond the dark side of the moon, an unexpected companion may have come along for the ride...

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Pipeline-Collective's presents The McMinn Meeting, a dramatization of the transcript of the McMinn County Board of Education meeting held January 10, 2022. David directed and appeared in this timely piece of "virtual living newspaper theatre."


David has been named the Nashville Ambassador to The Dramatists Guild of America, the national trade association of playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists. David is proud to serve his community of theatremakers by working with an organization whose purpose is to aid dramatists in protecting both the artistic and economic integrity of their work. 

Learn more about the Guild by clicking here. 

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In 2021, Pipeline-Collective partnered with NECAT Network to offer a world-premiere free broadcast theatrical event unlike any other. 

In Claudia Barnett's Outside of Here, one performer experienced one story dozens of times over, posing the question: How do you begin again when every day is the same as the one before?

With a running time of twelve uninterrupted hours, the show was originally broadcast live and without intermission. A complete recording can be found at 

David served as Co-Director on Rebekah Alexander's avant-garde adaptation of Brecht and Weill's Seven Deadly Sins, a unique combination of German opera, film, and virtual storytelling, that streamed in 2021 via the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

See the trailer and learn more about the production here.

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David presented a virtual workshop titled "STACK Approaches to Directing" at the 2022 KCACTF Region 4 conference.  Designed to empower directors with language and tactics that can be implemented as early as their next rehearsals, the 30 minute video can be viewed by clicking here

David serves as a Producing Artistic Director for Pipeline-Collective, whose innovative new works development and community building program The Salon has just entered its third year -- and its second as an incubator for virtual theatremaking. The Salon is a program unlike any other and welcoming to all. 

Learn more about Pipeline-Collective and The Salon.

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Coming soon to a streaming service near you: The Keeper, a short film by Wes Driver and Greg Greene, included as part of the Clubhouse horror anthology Sinphony. David's delighted to appear in this gruesome collection, with a trailer you won't want to watch in the dark...

Learn more -- and experience the trailer -- at

David directed viral content for Pipeline-Collective as part of the #VoteEarlyTN campaign, a non-partisan initiative designed to encourage Tennesseans to get out and vote early in the fall of 2020.

View one Pipeline's contributions to the campaign here. 

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David is proud to serve as an educator for accelerated students via Vanderbilt University's Programs for Talented Youth, offering innovative classes like “Theory, Criticism, and Star Wars” and “The Avengers meet The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Intersections of the MCU and Literary Criticism.”  

Click here for more information.

David is honored to serve Tennessee State University as a full-time faculty member in the TSU Department of Communications and its Theatre & Dance Program. At TSU David teaches theatre and communications courses, leads master workshops, and directs productions within the season. 

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David's early career in the theatre included a four-minute adaptation of Romeo & Juliet and the role of a bunny rabbit in his third grade talent show.  

Click here to learn what David has been up to since.

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